Often used to describe a player of an online game who has been playing the game for an extended period of time, yet still lacks basic knowledge and skills.
That level 65 Warrior is a ch00b. Why won't he taunt?!?
by Schandlich September 24, 2003
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A growing term usually used within MMORPGs such as: RuneScape, World of Warcraft, and arguably Guild Wars.

The word itelf is used to define a often high level player who's either ego has inflated to the size of a red giant, or who is socially inept. These ch00bs can be observed as they lap up shit off their fellow ch00bs orifices in an effort to pleasure the recipient and themselves.

There is an especially large concentration of ch00bs within the free-to-play worlds of RuneScape. The ch00b population there is made up of either extremely rich free-to-play members wearing their most expensive armor/clothing/insignificant pixel animated trinkets they spend hours of their pathetic lives attempting to purchase just to say: "I r rich3r den u n000b!!!/!!1". And the pay-to-play members who come to the free-to-play servers just to walk around showing off their armor and clothing that free-to-play members cannot buy/obtain, often promting newbs or new players to inquire as to where they could obtain the items they are wearing; to which the ch00b responds: "omg noob!".

Theses ch00bs often stand around in an unorganized fashion spewing forth their own excrement and talking about their undeserved sense of self-satisfaction or how they plan to make more of their fake money to buy more of their fake and non-existant things.

In closing, ch00bs are simply high-level pricks who think they can own everyone and everything simply because they are high-level and, in rare instances, have piles and piles of virtual money worth about 1-8 years of their life.
Ch00b (lvl 89): "Omg!!1 j00 ar such a fr00b!11one I beat kbd at lvl 75!! fr00000000b!!!"

Ch00b (lvl 105): "lvl 86 and u don't have full dragon yet nub? lmao!1!!1"

Ch00b (lvl 78): "Plz stfu, i hav more muny then u f2p nub. look at u! u don't even have rune yet!! rofl!"

Me: "RuneScape is the internet equivalent of methamphetamine, and following suit, it WILL consume you. Once you find yourself going home and immedeatly sitting down at your computer typing runescape.com into your address bar, your toast. Theres nothing you can do anymore. My luck to those of you already being eaten alive by evil incarnate."
by Antithesis November 8, 2006
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A character mainly in MMORPG's who are not necessarily a high level, but do things like an absolute beginner and/or not knowing what they are doing. Other definition being "Easy" depending on context
MZero: Lets fight
Three-Dee: OK
MZero kills Three-Dee
MZero: You fight like ch00b

MZero: I just killed a lvl 56 monster at lvl 34
Three-Dee: I bet it was pretty ch00b to kill rite?
by Eddie Bedlam May 5, 2005
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someone who displays such supreme idiocy that if they were any more stupid they would go into convulsions and die on the spot. these not-so-rare mutations of regular idiots can be found frequenting game sites such as world of warcraft and rune scape where they make obvious/obnoxious/generally horrible comments to "lesser" players. they are also frequently found in the comment areas of youtube videos.

be wary of these creatures and try not to get into conversations with them because long exposure to ch00bs has been known to cause permanent brain damage to otherwise intelligent people.
ch00b-"dude, you just got your ass handed to you by that n00b"
non ch00b- "stfu you couldn't beat him either, ch00b"
by GrammaticallyRetarded December 12, 2008
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Far beyond a n00b. There people think they know everything, yet they know nothing.
<vamp^slim> i knoe scripting
<Hurricane> Show me.
<vamp^slim> ...
by Hurricane January 23, 2005
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a korean corruption of the word n00b. originated on Starcraft, and probably WC3, too. another variation is ch0b0.
me gosu, you ch0b0. gee gee s0n
by pwnt June 28, 2003
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cross between a h4x0r and a n00b

ch00bs are people who know a lot about lame things like rping, scripts and l33t. But who possess no skills in any of these.

Associated with japanese for chibi meaning child. Except japanese sux.
rofl hahaha ch00b, u spend 36 hours a day playing runescape, u r teh lame
by 0_owaffleo_0 June 24, 2003
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