A way of saying "can not" (Particularly Scottish).
"I canny find me brew. Did ya drink it?"
by Gonji March 9, 2008
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Jeans and hoodies are a canny combination.

My daily routine is a canny one.

Being emo (and depressed all the time) is not very canny.

A teenager acting like a baby is anything but canny.
by CannyVanni January 5, 2011
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North Eastern background. Meaning Quite, or rather.
Thats canny good.

She's canny dead.
by Lucky July 12, 2004
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North Eastern English slang for something good or nice. There is no bigger compliment than being called canny.
by Julie May 6, 2004
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Geordie slang for a really genuine and kind hearted person. Someone who is just all round nice. They always mean well.
by Mikay August 18, 2005
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the canny ho stole ma shit stained jeans... -tears-
by AsadZero2 October 13, 2011
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Comes from the world famous Counter-strike Source player - cAnnY, he was so skilled with the AK/M4 & AWP he could one bullet any head from any distance. Comes from the UK underground scene where he's transferring his skills onto new and upcoming players.
<source-player1> "woah, did you see that canny shot? thats going to make me e-famous!"


<source-player2> "OMG i just got canny one bulleted, what a lucker!"
by matt tehpro June 12, 2007
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