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The crease in jeans that occurs on your zipper when you sit down. Looks like a small penis, hence "jeanis"
by AIDZ September 18, 2005
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The unfortunate protrusion of excess pant material when sitting, resulting from loose-fitting pants. Often mistaken for an erection by passers-by; may result in mockery, flattery, or just plain embarassment.
"Wow, nice jeanis you've got going on there, Tom"
"Shit! These pants are the worst for that.... or are they....?"
by NeiLiO September 28, 2007
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The small bunch of denim located at the zipper region of women's jeans that are a little too tight around the waistband, giving the illusion of male genitalia. It occurs mostly when the wearer is seated.
These jeans look great when I'm standing up, but they give me a jeanis when I sit down.
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a fold of the crotch region of the jeans, resembling a generous portion of penis
After slouching for several hours Joey's jeans and slide down his waist creating a ginormous jeanis
by Qfroman December 23, 2002
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when a girl is wearing a pair of jeans or trousers and whenever she sits down the trousers form into a bulge and she appears to have a penis.

Thats a jeanis.

(jeans + penis)
omg! Nooo... ive got a total jeanis!!
by a little bit of grrr... July 25, 2009
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when a girl sits down while wearing a pair of ill fitting jeans and there is a bulge in the crotch area
i have a major jeanis goin on
by thesexyginge August 22, 2008
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A beautiful sports girl with long tanned legs, that gets stared at by guy on the athletics field. She is always happy and likes to ride the jamaican bobsled!
jeani rode the jamaican bobsled all the way down the stairs.
by Jan Willemse(cupcake) May 08, 2013
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