He is known to have many talents. Running, drawing, sarcasm, and being a caring and over all loyal friend is just a few of then. Sometimes Armin can be a nerd, but he still can be cute and charming af.
"Do you know the name of the cute and talented guy in my science class?"
"Of course. It's Armin,"
by katisawful November 9, 2016
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Short but soft hair, big but comforting eyes. Has a lot of fears but is oh so cute, the most precious things. Likes to venture around but also wants to be careful and look out for his friends
Hey that guy had amazing hair and eyes and hes going out to have a hike?! Hes gonna ruin his look

Yep, no wonder, hes probably an Armin
by iliketacosbutburritosarebetter November 5, 2017
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What comes to mind when you hear the word, Armin?

Exactly what you're thinking!

Armin is that type of man that likes to get down and dirty with his "arms in" anything. Goddamnit, Armin! Get your hands outta there, buddy!

Needless to say, Armin is a go-getter. Need that IKEA table built today? He can do it, 6.9 minutes tops! With his wealth of knowledge in everything math and physics, he can not only build you that table you want, but he can even craft you a Particle Accelerator to accent your living room.

If he's feeling a little frisky as well, he might even be kind enough to fix your kitchen plumbing, feed you some Ćevapi, and end it off with a reeeeeal good time afterwards. ;) Just make sure you wear socks, feet drive him crazy sometimes. With a man built like a dump truck and muscular appendages, who knows what he'll do in that moment!

Back to the main point, you get what I mean. You need something done, you call Armin. Mans is not afraid to do anything. It might be comforting to let you know he also has a PhD, so he is very, very competent in any tasks you give him.
You: "Hey Armin, I'm having some trouble screwing this nut, can you help?"

Armin: "Well, if you angle that nut at exactly 13.37 degrees, perpendicular to the wooden plank, time the wind perfectly so it's coming from the East, that might just work!"
by d1sconnected May 28, 2021
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Armin is a character that can be found on aot HE IS SO HOT LIKE GOD DAYUM ARMIN CAN RECK ME OUGA OUGA WOOF WOOF GRRR GRRR
Armin: hey can you pass me that

Me: yes sir I’ll do anything for you wink wink
by Riddle me Fiddle February 6, 2021
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hot, sexy persian guy whos great in bed (we wouldnt know...yet). has amazing swaggg. is really funny, nice, and loves his bitches heather and jessicka <33
The guy was so Armin that is was amazingggg
by Da Niggah June 25, 2011
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A really cool person. Someone who loves to hang out with his homies and the girls.
Who is that guy in the Mustang chillin with all those bitches? Must be an Armin.
by Armin Ekhtiar September 17, 2003
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