Someone who appears to be a quite and shy person at first, but after a while will talk more than anyone in the room. They tend to be independent, stoic and level-headed, but are actually sensitive and long for intimacy.
"Wow, Jean, I never knew you were actually such a talker"
Best way to describe Jean, is "Fool him once, shame on him. Fool him twice, and you're world will crumble."
by BashewsCherry December 16, 2020
One of the very best people to ever meet with. Jean is a very rare name given to children who will have it all. People with this name are caring, loving, thoughtful, lit, funny and sometimes naughty
I wish there were more Jean's on the world.
by The _Truth_$ June 1, 2019
jean is a beautiful girl who dreams of finding love like the ones im korean dramas or any drama she hopes she finds the one she loves anything with art and music she is really nice sympathetic person who will open up to you slowly she loves to have fun and has amazing long hair she has a best friend named kevin who always annoys her a lot. she loves dressing up. she also loves photography she wants to travel when she’s older as well
jean is a beautiful girl

jean loves herself

jean makes people smile brightly
by 2017.-.yes April 12, 2020
A very good friend young women, she's fun outgoing doesn't care what she does, always likes to laugh. She's charming, witty, always tells her deepest kept secrets to her best friend who is usually a male. You can never for get Jean she will always be in your memories.
"Jean is my best friend and I'm the only person she can trust with her secrets."

"Jean is always a fun outgoing young women to be around."
by no one you know never know January 8, 2013
Female name meaning "God is gracious." Fun, sympathetic, and charming. Witty, brilliant, and an excellent friend. Unless you want your friends to call you. Ever.
I miss Jean, she was so awesome. I wonder what she's up to...
by whosyourdaddy11 March 14, 2009
meaning "God is Gracious". Usually people with Jean in their names are smart/witty, fun and beautiful.
They are also fragile, they would die for you but not live for you, they are very independent most of the times.
try dating a girl named "Jean"
and you'll find out ;)
No example of Jean
by Danny DeLeon October 10, 2012