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Is an out going girl who is one of a kind. She is beautiful and has a big heart. She is very sensitive and is very funny in mean or sarcastic ways. She tries to be kind to everyone and is liked by everyone who meets her. She may be shy at first but don't worry you will have a great relationship. She may not have tons of boyfriends (or even one) but she will find the perfect person one day. And never underestimate her she can surprise you at any moment. you are lucky to be named Emma Jean and you will be lucky to have meet/date/know her. :)
Dr. Emma-Jean Thompson

Emma Jean on sons of anarcy
by Emilie the best friend o September 26, 2013
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Probably the baddest bitch on the block; what all females aspire to become. A goddess among mortals. Probably Caucasian, but with a black girl's ass. Makes all the boys beg, but is saving herself for Thor of Asgard.
Person A: Emma Jean is such a queen. She may seem mean, but she makes me cream.
Person B: Emma Jean is so hard core. She tore. Right through my underwear drawer.
Person C: Emma Jean is so debatable. Relatable. Fuck, she's even datable.
Thor of Asgard: WHERE'S MY HAMMER?!
by Neytari June 01, 2018
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emma jean is a two timing asshole at first and then becomes an OCD filler step mom and is kinda an asshole
β€œi had to get rid of one of my cats again thanks to my stepmom”

β€œthat person sounds like an Emmajean
by snoop dawg April 04, 2018
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