The man of my dreams. He's unlike any other. People who don't know him are easy captivated by him. He brings calmness to his surroundings. The best friend anyone could ask for. Listens to you. Never judges you instead challenges you to be a better person. He shows love in everything he does. Slow to love and very guarded with his heart. Loyal beyond words. What he says he will do. He is protective of his family and friends. Most of all whoever becomes his wife will be one lucky woman
Ann-Who is that guy?
Joe- That is Jason.
Ann- I want to be his gf.
by Swtksss October 13, 2013
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Jason is a sarcastic person, but when you get to know him he will talk and joke around with you. He is a hopeless romantic that dreads being alone. He calls the woman that he loves beautiful not hot. He makes sure the lucky girl he has in his life is ok at all times. He tries to be a good guy to everyone and is always trying to clear his past.
by Not Jason Powers October 07, 2018
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the absolute greatest person alive. actually cares about your well being, funny, sincere, a truly remarkable person. without him i would more then likely be dead, or killed. <3
by <3scissorhands January 31, 2009
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A God! He is incredibly charming and handsome.
When I see Jason, I drop dead.
by Asian google September 27, 2011
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A totally amazing guy that cares about your every word. He tends to worry too much about you which is really sweet. He calls you beautiful instead of hot and he'll actually talk to you about your problems if no one else will. He actually cares about your feelings and fears. He tells you he loves you at least once a day. He is altogether a really great guy.
person 1: who was that guy i saw you with?
person 2: thats jason. hes totally awesome and i love him so much.
by JD'sGirl January 17, 2011
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The nicest sweetest guy in the world. Is very cute and totally hilarious. Has a great taste in music and will be a great boyfriend because he likes to talk not just hook up.
person1: He has good taste in music and is really funny!
person 2: dude he sounds like a jason!
by iluvjason December 05, 2010
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He is a very confused man.They can be very weird around their crush.There is this one girl that he likes while he is dating another person but he wants to be loyal.
Iโ€™m glad Jason can become something else!
by Yonete October 03, 2017
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