A sexy beast of unnatural proportions. A lover of women. Eats pussy like a king. Loves his woman. Is loyal. Never Corrupted in anyway. Gives his all in every single thing he does. A Magician.
That Jason...Ain't he somethin'?
by The_OtherGirlz_ May 29, 2014
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An amazing guy with an awesome personality. He's really hot and so much fun to be with. The only name that is spelled with the months
He's really nice and really smart. Very playful and energetic
Jason is so hot
by jasontheawesome March 01, 2015
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Jason is a beautiful, smart, athletic, perfect, amazing, drop dead beautiful, and sexy guy that every girl loves. He can be shy at first, but when you get to meet him, he has a golden personality. He can make you feel happier on your saddest days, and his deep brown eyes can just kill you. He's the best boyfriend a girl can have. Even though he had a bad past, as long as you treat him like treasure, he will love you forever.
Wow, you see jason? He's beautiful."

"Just the typical jason."
by Camouflageisthebestbro October 14, 2013
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Jason is the nicest boy you could meet. He's always happy and you couldn't be mean to him if you were a terrorist.
Jason: Poor bee! It lost its stinger
Bully: Let's help it
by KatGoesMreow June 04, 2011
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A guy that is old school, he will treat you like his Queen so treat him decent, he is loyal and a hard worker. Don’t cheat on this guy as he is a real keeper and your Parents will adore him.
He is funny as hell, so much so even his farts will make you laugh.

If you decide to have kids with him, no doubt he will be the best father ever.

A Jason can cook, clean and knows how to love.

Don’t fuck with him though cause he will ram a foot up your arse as he boots you out the door.
“Have you met that Jason guy yet?, he’s hot as hell and sure knows how to fuck...oh and he’s a funny guy”!!!
by Yodaonethatiwant February 25, 2019
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Jason is a good listener. He pays attention to what you have to say, and is the best person you will ever meet. He usually is very sweet. He is known to be the best boyfriend ever!
Kendra: I love you Jason! Happy early one month! Sorry I cant get you any thing.
by A persons name12 August 16, 2017
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Someone who often tends to over-analyze everything, while still being partially lazy in most efforts. Easily distracted unless upset and very sensitive to others' feelings. Often just tall enough to be a pain, but can never be called short. Likes to demean women jokingly however never actually means it. A little on the dorky side but everyone respects him enough to say anything. Probably one of the most good natured guys you will ever meet, when he is not hell bent on making someone laugh with off beat jokes atypical to most peoples' vocabularies. Enjoys unique types of music and listens to his music frequently along with his intense passion for books. A Jason can be summarily defined as clueless for a large majority of his life until someone throws it in his face, and then is still a little clueless.
I can't believe you could be so Jason!
by marchingbanddork March 05, 2010
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