Refers to the boring/laborious --- not to mention demeaning --- every-few-months routine that a responsible and caring-about-his-public-image person needs to perform on his on-line profile-pages. Standing for Periodic Profile-Perusing/Purging, it involves occasionally going to your own profile and carefully scanning the comments/tags that others have posted there, and then deleting any posts that are either in poor taste or verbally attack your personal character.
I always try my best to treat others right, but unfortunately there are plenty of nosy/overzealous cyber-bully a**h**es out there who like to find fault and berate me for stuff that I either can't even help or certainly did not mean to be hurtful to anyone (and even if someone actually DOES think that he may have a legitimate gripe/concern, why not just SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE ABOUT IT, rather than slamming me publicly?!??). So I gotta endure a round of "quadruple-p" drudgery a few times a year, just to make sure that any decent folks who read my profile don't get the wrong idea about me.
by QuacksO August 8, 2018
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