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An amazing, perfect, incredible boy who any girl would be lucky to date. He's the type of guy who reminds you that he loves you, and isn't at all afraid to say it.

He's the type of guy you spend your life wishing for. He's the type of guy to do anything for you.
He is sweet, loyal, kind, caring. He'll be there for you no matter what, even when he knows he can't help.
He is not a judging person - he will love you the way you are. He'll never want or try to change you. To him, you are as perfect as he is to you.

He's funny, he can take a joke well.

He cares about your opinion of him, always worried that he's doing something wrong when he isn't.

He has amazing eyes and is perfect in every way. Any girl would be lucky to have him.
Jason is so perfect and kind and sweet!
by rawr123456789101993 June 21, 2011
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Everyone knows a Jason. Jason’s are probably popular and well- known. Jason’s are very smart, kind and probably have a secret artistic side. Jason’s can sometimes be athletic, probably likes sports such as Golf or Frisbee. Jason’s May seem cool and chill but lowkey kinda sensitive and want people to like them. Jason’s make the best friends, so if you know a Jason, keep them close. Jason’s will do anything for the people they love, but may not be appreciated all the time. Jason’s usually get nervous around people they like. Jason’s can either be super hot, kinda nerdy, or both. Most likely to be on student council or a club president. Jason’s are overall amazing people and you are lucky if you have a Jason in your life !
Person 1: Ugh Jason is so hot
Person 2: Yesterday when he was taking photos outside and he looked RIGHT AT ME
Person 1: OMG RLY??

Person 2: ya, I’ll talk to him tmr, he seems super chill.

Person 1: not if I talk to him first!
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Jason is someone who drives himself crazy with his own thoughts, he knows this but he cant stop thinking. He puts a front of being tough and independent, because he wants nothing more than to prove to everyone he can live on his own. But internally, he's a hopeless romantic who dreads being alone.

He will go out of his way to show you how he cares for you, protect you, and has your back no matter what goes down. But will never say what he wants to say, just show.

If he cares for a girl, he wont stop thinking about them, but will do his best to ignore the person even though it kills him. But if he were to open up, he would love you unconditionally. But if you were to do him wrong, he isn't one to forgive others easily, even if he makes your feel he has.
by BeenFadedTooLong December 26, 2011
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Jason is an amazing guy.

He is a guy of which most people would wish to have in their lives. He loves you so much and is not afraid to say it.
He often overthinks things and thinks that he’s doing something wrong when he’s not
He loves to be reassured and loved but feels as if he could never be and that if he ever was, people would try to ruin his relationship.
Jason is a very sarcastic person when it comes to people he dislikes, Ex’s, and odd situations
He has been through tough times but he always manages to get through them.
If you ever go out with a Jason then be prepared for “I love you so much” every single day
Jason is am amazing, kind, witty, sweet, honest, loyal, gorgeous guy
by Maxine Gonçalves January 29, 2019
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A jason is a EXTREMELY sarcastic guy. He may act like an asshole but behind all that he really cares about everyone in his life. If a Jason talks to you, consider yourself lucky that means he really cares about you even though he has a funny way of showing it sometimes. Jason's are great in bed and are known for looking at weird crap on the Internet. Jason's are the best friends and are usually always happy.
Nancy: Jason made me cry but I know he still loves me.
Judith: yup that's a Jason for you!

Nancy: so glad I have a Jason in my life!
by Momentummaker November 19, 2012
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