my ma bought super chill last night...the flavor was Dr.chill
by Eva4789 January 13, 2006
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"he's definatly a super chill little dog, he calms me down!"

"That party last night was super chill!"
by MyUsedChemicals January 17, 2006
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A derivation of the gallon challenge, the Super Chill Challenge was created by a group of industrious Penn students, looking for a new a take on a game of champions. The Super Chill Challenge involves taking a 3 liter bottle of Super Chill, a notoriously shitty soda originating from Minnesota, and combining a previously determined amount of alcohol, usually the Bankers Club of your choosing, and drinking it within a one hour time limit.
"Dude, last time I did the Super Chill Challenge, I puked grape drink for 3 hours!"
by Penn's Finest May 8, 2009
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When you don't have enough money to afford brand name cherry colas. Only this cola is better because it offers the drinker super human abilities to drive cars on 2 or less tires.
"Wanna see something cool, hold my super chill cherry cola."

See for an example
*note the man brandishing the can in his hand in triumph.*
by Big Blacky Blaq July 13, 2009
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When you invite your girl over to watch the Super Bowl and you fuck with Jim Nance's voice in the background.
Daquan: Yo can I come over to your house to watch the Super Bowl
LeGarrette: Nah fam, I got my babe coming over for some Super Bowl and chill.
by Willie.O February 8, 2016
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A place (most commonly found in a bedroom of a cottage) that is super chill and private enough to do drugs in. Usually occupied by 2-6 meth heads at one time.
Hey yo Mike meet at the super chill spot. J-Money got some shit.”
by The Dirty Mike June 23, 2021
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