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Joys are amazing people. Super fun and definitely a ‘joy’ to be around. Joys usually love books and Netflix. Joys are they type of people to correct ‘your’ to ‘you’re’ in your texts but you love them anyways. Joys are super sweet and pretty, but often underappreciated. If she has super strict parents she will probably be kinda nerdy, as she has to do well in school. This Joy will probably not be too popular but have a few really close friends. If a Joy with chill parents, she might slack off a bit in school, but still feels really bad if she gets a bad grade. She is probably popular and always on social media. No matter what kind of Joy you know, they are all the most fun people to be around, and you are lucky if you have a friend named Joy.
“OMG Joy where were you yesterday I was so bored!”

“Joy is really pretty, she seemed shy but then wouldn’t stop talking once I said hi”
by Facts🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ January 24, 2019

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Everyone knows a Jason. Jason’s are probably popular and well- known. Jason’s are very smart, kind and probably have a secret artistic side. Jason’s can sometimes be athletic, probably likes sports such as Golf or Frisbee. Jason’s May seem cool and chill but lowkey kinda sensitive and want people to like them. Jason’s make the best friends, so if you know a Jason, keep them close. Jason’s will do anything for the people they love, but may not be appreciated all the time. Jason’s usually get nervous around people they like. Jason’s can either be super hot, kinda nerdy, or both. Most likely to be on student council or a club president. Jason’s are overall amazing people and you are lucky if you have a Jason in your life !
Person 1: Ugh Jason is so hot
Person 2: Yesterday when he was taking photos outside and he looked RIGHT AT ME
Person 1: OMG RLY??

Person 2: ya, I’ll talk to him tmr, he seems super chill.

Person 1: not if I talk to him first!
by Facts🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ January 24, 2019

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Often used between teenage male friend groups. Slang for someone who’s “ugly” or not desirable. Not worth it. Can also be called “Beat ting”, often used by boys when describing girls they don’t find attractive. Would not date or hu with unless really desperate. Could be used when describing someone really rude or obnoxious.
“She’s a beat thing”
by Facts🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ January 24, 2019

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Richards are usually wealthy folks with a moustache. Richard will typically be a priest, salesman, dentist or lawyer. Everyone prob has a family friend named Richard. Don’t let a Richard steal your girl. Usually kind hearted, good people, some can potentially be creepy. Richards can either be the best to have as a friend or the worst. Dad Richards will prob try to talk to you about politics or football.
Guy 1: yo have you talked to Richard today?
Guy 2: ya, he’s my homie, why?
Guy 1: I hear he’s already moved on from Rebecca to Ashley.
Guy 2: damn that was fast, doesn’t Ashley have a boyfriend tho?
by Facts🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ January 23, 2019

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