The kid in middle school that brings a vape that he never uses because he is to scared and makes sure everyone sees it because he wants people to think he is cool. He also is an extreme pervert.
Look, there's that fag Jaron
by Killniggerz October 25, 2018
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Every time you see a jaron your like oh fuck here come that boi. He's that type of guy that messes around too much. Breaks things, abuses things, etc.
I'd like to see jaron fall of a cliff
by Got to go fast December 12, 2016
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A man/woman who shops at Justice excessively and with extreme enthusiasm.
by Jaron Superfan December 04, 2018
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A kid at acms who is the mrbeast Of food at the school and has super smash bros on his computer which is how he gets friends
Jaron has spam and rice everyone is begging for it
by Batman not the Blackman January 19, 2020
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