A guy with musical ability and skills at everything he attempts
Damn he is so f***in' good at bass!!
by Jaron April 05, 2005
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Best guy you will ever meet. Very funny, very sweet, very sexy and hella hot. Usually with plenty of girls.
Oh that JARON is so hot. I would want to be with him.
by Jarrekurre December 10, 2018
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Jaron is just the goat. He is the best at anything he attempts. He's so good that girls are all over him.
by CHICKRADICAL555 October 09, 2019
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He is a sweetheart very loving and makes you see how beautiful you really are. He is usually from the south and has a southern drawl. When you see him you forget how to breathe and your heart starts racing. He gives you butterflies in your tummy and makes you fall so hard for him but he will be there to catch you. Most people say he is a cheater not loyal but it’s not always the case. He has gorgeous brown eyes and has that country boy charm. His smile is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see and he will be the best guy you ever meet.He has deep emotions but won’t show it. He is funny and over all an amazing man. He is very brave and will do anything to protect you. He is also very possessive and everyone loves that. He gets jealous when you talk to other men. He is so gorgeous. If you ever meet a Jaron then you are lucky he is one of the good ones... he’s a keeper!
Girl 1: omg did you see Jaron today ?
Girl 2: yes he’s so sweet I love it !
Girl 1: I know I’m gonna go for him!
by DoggymamaTX77 March 11, 2019
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8 gigabytes of pornography. 4GB of porn would be referred to as "half a jaron". 2GB, a quarter.
"Dude, his parents found all the porn on his laptop!"
"I heard he had like 2 whole jarons on there..."
by mf227 November 21, 2009
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someone that is really awesome at sports and send naked pictures to girls
if your a jaron then you are very horny
by jmos greatest fan February 12, 2008
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IS the leader of the unknown Hass clan. Deals out punishment to all evil.
Do do that or Ja'Ron will get you.
by Jman hass 82 February 04, 2010
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