A cockbite. Specifically one who goes out randomly in the middle of the day and bites men's cocks for his own enjoyment
That damn jaron that's been running around town got me again. I'll be lucky if I can still have kids this time.
by wrw28405 March 23, 2010
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A guy with a receding hair-line, whose tendecies relate to those of one who thinks he can fix anything, but in reality everything he touches either breaks, dies, or develops a habit of inconsistency. Also one who tends to bastardize others to bring himself to a point at which he believes he is better and more intelligent.
"You've been such a Jaron lately. You said you could change the light bulb in the kitchen. But now we're sitting here in the dark. And you say I'm inferior? HA! Who's the moron who messed up all the circuits, over a measly light bulb?!!"
by Jaron's greatest fan April 07, 2005
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A jaron is a peron, typically of the male gender, that has an unhealthy fascination in the art of mocking individuals and making them mad. Jarons also enjoy playing terribly colossal amounts of the Halo games, Call of Duty games, and other lame games. Why? Because Jarons have nothing better to do, except for maybe fap off. No one really likes Jarons, except for their significant others, who are often irritated by the amount of porn that Jarons watch. They are often excited by Batman and Power Rangers, and like to participate in awkward sexual acts involving the fetishes of Batman and Power Rangers.
Oh, Jaron? He's just getting off to that crazy overkill.
by stefisthabest November 29, 2010
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Someone who is a bitch and is always making people look bad. It is also someone who doesn’t have friends.
That guy is just like Jaron.
by Mr Jen’s September 01, 2019
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A fat man of explicit humour and mockery of one Tevin Straub. The Lunchbox was a mysterios haXXorz who solo'd like a true n00b... until, Jaron the Juicebox came up from the street, a lone man. Now they party to kill orcs! Woo Nerd Pride!
One such Jaron K. in my English class.
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