A cult that you and your friends join. You talk about how much you hate DECA and how much stress it is when secretly you all are to infatuated with DECA to stop talking about it for short periods of time. An obsession. DECA is an excuse for your parents to pay for you to go on vacation with you and your friends and be placed in a nice hotel with them.
Dad: Hey son, here's $1000 for your DECA conference at icdc, hope you learn about what it takes to be successful in the business world.

Son: Sucker..
by DECA HERO June 26, 2011
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"Don't worry guys, we've got snuggies! JOIN DECA!"

"Touch my DECA?"
by Ktty September 20, 2009
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Deca is a form of life, THIS IS NOT A CULT. Deca is the artery of civilization. To deny deca is deny society. Deca is manditory, all whom disobey deca shall be removed from decapolis, and sent to on level.

Deca, a form of life
"Daaaang dude, you got some DECA???"

"Hold on, I am two minutes away from the DECAsphere."

"I'm DECA!!!"
by Analizer69 May 23, 2017
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an injectable anabolic steroid. recomended dossage is 200-600 mg per week
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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The best club ever. Where high schoolers go to competitions and take tests and do role plays about business If they win they get to go to states and nationals
Deca states in Rockchester and Nationals in Texas
by christina M May 13, 2006
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Deca is an organization run by CEO’s Chan Lee and Anthony Saadeh. This organization was created to enhance students knowledge about what it takes to play a role in a real life business.
by Tony & cha May 23, 2018
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D umbass
E gomaniacs
C rappy FBLA posers of
A merica
if at first u don't succeed, join deca!
by Mikhale Z. May 11, 2006
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