Ayye is when something is lit or if the chain (slang) (ghetto)
by Dnbsbaks ddjd d February 22, 2018
A scenesters favorite choice when using exclamations.
ayye comment my new pics
oh&&;i am a faggot =
by Interwebz November 11, 2007
What someone, typically attracted to men and of Hispanic desent might say in order to hit on a attractive male.
by HispanicBetch March 2, 2019
Being Ayye Bee means having a great and bright energy sex and relationship wise. Ayye Bee is always loyal to the people

he really cares of, a great lover and is planning to conquer the world. Ayye Bee is the type of person you need in your life to be blessed and truly happy.
I’ve been feeling as great as Ayye Bee lately.
by Ayye Bee November 21, 2021