A sad individual obsessed with anything Japanese. They usually spend the day listening awful Japanese pop bands while masterbating to pictures of sailor moon. Overtime most Japanophiles recover from their obsession, and simply try to forget that part of their past.
The japanophile suddenly realizing how lame anime is, reacted in a way only a true japanophile would, by ritualisticly killing himself with a samurai sword.
by Guitarbob December 13, 2008
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A non-japanese who are a japanese wanna-be and are sickly obsessed with japan and japanese youth culture. Often poorly imitates japanese people & culture, they are very insulting to japan.
Magibon is such a Japanophile, acting all cute and pretending to be japanese.

go look up "magibon" on wikipedia.
by JAGINNYC June 14, 2010
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One who has a genuine appreciation for Japanese language, culture, history, food, etc. Not to be confused with "weeaboo." Japanophiles do not "try to act Japanese" or have an obsession with manga or some strange yen to be Japanese. They are simply interested in all things Japanese--not very much different from Francophiles.
Beatorisu speaks Japanese very well. She also enjoys origami. She's a Japanophile.
by zzussammen January 11, 2015
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If ur someone obsessed with japanese culture or anything that has to do with japan then ur a japanophile.But,it dose'nt mean that u r a looser or a reject,watch anime every day,have friends that r only japanophiles etc.U can have allot of friends and not be reject or a looser and still be a japanophile,get my point?People often tend to think that a japanophile is somekind of reject who has a room filled with anime posters and accesories and also wears anime clothes...but that's not true!!!That person should be treated like any other person the difference is that he/she has different tastes...that's all!!!
chater n.1:dude,i got a cool anime poster for my room!!!

chater n.2:ur such a japanophile...
by sio900 October 09, 2010
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A big stereotype that people give to other people who have a strong interest in the Japanese culture. I am a Japanophile and I don't do/am the following:

-Eat sushi every day
-Watch anime
-Pale and overwieght
-No life
-Think that if I go to Japan I will be welcomed as a god. I am perfectly conscient that they are racist.

Japanophiles with the above caracteristics should be called Wapanese instead of Japanophile because they are a shame to the people who really like the Japanese culture for the GOOD reasons.
-Hey man, I really like the Japanese culture. I would like to live there someday to see how it is. I guess I am a Japanophile.


by Simon Desaulniers Delisle October 10, 2006
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One who praises Japan. A japanophile might listen to Japanese music, enjoy anime, surf 4chan, and maybe even have a fetish for hentai.
For example, me. I do everything listed above, and more.
1: I call myself 'Hand Hanzo' as a hip-hop recording name and street alias. Hanzo is a Japanese name.
2: I love anime and have a hentai fetish myself. I'm especially a big fan of yaoi.
3: I love Japanese music, my favorite band is L'Arc~en~Ciel, a pop-rock band that sounds WAY better than any band in America. Seriously, they fucking rule.
4: I am a resident of the 4chan imageboards, usually /b/, the Random board.
5: I wish to one day go to Japan, and see it all for myself. The dope ass bands, the yaoi, the penis festivals, everything.
by Hand Hanzo August 26, 2005
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someone who is so obsessed with Japan (including all of which that is related to Japan) that wont do anything unless it is related to Japan
by matt sinanananana May 04, 2007
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