The word Animu is a joke used to describe both Anime and Japanophiles who attempt to give Japanese sounding pronunciations to words that were not Japanese to begin with. It is not meant to describe any specific form of Anime.

It is my belief that the word originated on the SA forums.
Stop watching all that animu crap.
by Area Denial May 1, 2005
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The word "animu" means "anime", but it is used in a disparaging or self-deprecating way. It's used as an in-joke, in reference to how anime otaku culture is not accepted by everyone, and how anime can consume so much time, energy, money.

The self-deprecating use of this word is similar to how "shit" and "crap" are used - for example, "I'll go back to watching my shit on YouTube", "I just bought a ton of crap for my computer", etc.
I'm gonna go watch some animu and read some mango.
Are there any good animu airing this season?
I bought some figures from my favorite animu.
by Kotori-chan July 26, 2010
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A word used used by people who don't like anime to mock Anime and people who talk about it too much.

It's not very "offensive" though. A more offensive word would be weaboo or wapanese.
by stghm July 4, 2006
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The pronounciation of anime by dyslexic people.
That Emu likes to watch animu.
by dioyuji September 13, 2006
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Another variation of anime created by the anti AJ, animejunkies, protesters. This terms is used to show parallelism with AJ's "correct" translation - converting from Japanese -> Korean -> English.
Never say "Naked Child Event" in AJ's mirc chan, coz they will kill you like killing an ant.
by jongu June 13, 2004
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A word jokingly used for the term 'Anime'.

It can be used by people who like and watch anime, but are kind of ashamed of it or at least want to distant themselves from the weeaboo culture.

It also can be used to offense weeaboos, when they are talking about anime.
I watched an animu yesterday, dude. Was pretty great.

Go watch your animu and read your mango or whatever, u weeb.
by Lukaes July 8, 2015
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