28 definitions by Felix

1. According to Paris Hilton a Fashion Designer
2. According to a girl I know a Popstar
3. A son of a rich Family who became a Doctor n then decided to fight against capitalism. Oh I forgot not in his own Country but somewhere else. COS HIS PARENTS WERE DAMN RICH! N SO WAS HE! That's what ppl call hipocracy
Btw He'd rotate in his grave if he's know that a lot of dollars r made with his face on fashion
by Felix February 10, 2005
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A very expensive champagne, i dunno anything else about it coz 50 cents always mentioning it
You mix a lil' Cris with a little Don Perignon.
And a lil' Hennessy, you know we 'finna carry on.
by Felix November 20, 2005
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A very smart and beautiful Russian girl who became a good friend.
That Girl is a real Katya :)
by Felix January 17, 2005
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When you skate lol'ering with lollerskates on. Whether its on ice or anywhere else it does not matter. Other examples include riding lollercoasters or driving a roflcopter.
I am going to lollerskate to my roflcopter.
by Felix May 5, 2005
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instert something the best girl on earth, my Lauren, rox!
Lauren's a great girl, dude!
Yeh man, I know. Loz rox my jox!
by Felix November 9, 2004
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1. Rohan Dixit
2. A munji, someone who is stupid, done something dumb
"Such a munji..."
by Felix April 6, 2004
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The hood where gangstas live,it is owned and run by Munji himself, with co assistance from Felix, it is associated with Munjiburger, and has close connections with Shanty town
"Take me to... Munjitown!"
Lets go back to Munjtown, where the hoods at"
by Felix March 1, 2005
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