If ur someone obsessed with japanese culture or anything that has to do with japan then ur a japanophile.But,it dose'nt mean that u r a looser or a reject,watch anime every day,have friends that r only japanophiles etc.U can have allot of friends and not be reject or a looser and still be a japanophile,get my point?People often tend to think that a japanophile is somekind of reject who has a room filled with anime posters and accesories and also wears anime clothes...but that's not true!!!
chater n.1:dude,i got a cool anime poster for my room!!!

chater n.2:ur such a japanophile...
by sio900 October 09, 2010
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Japanophilia refers to the appreciation and love of Japanese culture, people or history. In Japanese, the term for Japanophile is "shinnichi" (親日), with "親" "shin" (しん) equivalent to the English prefix 'pro-', and "日" "nichi" (にち), meaning "Japanese" (as in the word for Japan "Nihon" (日本)). The term was first used as early as the 18th century.
Lafcadio Hearn, also known as Koizumi Yakumo, (1850 -1904) was a notable scholar and author well known for his strong interest in Japanese culture. He could be regarded as a Japanophile.
by Bug Bête むし June 20, 2016
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