Very hot girls. From japan, obviously. Tend to act more lady-like and are less obnoxious then fatty american girls.
Goddamn those japanese girls, They do it to me everytime!
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 29, 2005
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Obviously females originating from Japan. Looking at the other definitions, though, there seem to be an ulterior meaning.

There are a number of American men who prefer Asian ladies (especially Japanese) because they believe American women (or possibly western women in general) are undesirable due to a lack of lady-like qualities.

Many (notably feminists) have the misconception that Japanese females are naturally submissive, which seems to be proven incorrect by the definition above me. Aside from that, though, it is true that most women in Japan are not submissive, but it is also true that they do not tend to view relationships as a struggle for power like many American women.
Guy A: What kind of women do you like?

Guy B: I like Asian girls. Vietnamese and Chinese girls are fantastic! But Guy C told me Japanese girls were great!
by BusinessMan August 9, 2005
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Japanese girls are usually one of the rare type in places, besides Japan that the discusting old american and/or caucasian men like, like most other asian girls. {I know from experience, I'm japanese myself.} Often used as sex toys, we are degraded by everyone. Even rappers. (i.e.- Chingy: "Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian. It don't matter what color on this occasion.")

That example just proves it's just all for sex. Even guys use pretty girls.. hell, ugly girls too. Just depends on the kinky level. Oh. Back to the definition. Most males think we are going to cook for them, and clean, and have cute kids.

You got the cute kids part right, but there's no way in HELL I'm going to do that bull for some fake guy. If you think we are, you have another think coming. We'll go samurai on your ass.
Jeff: I want a japanese girl. I heard they're good in bed.
Bob: Dude. Shut the fuck up, they'll kick your ass.
by Tsuki May 7, 2005
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all the other definitions of japanese girls being slutty is a lie. Japan might actually be one of the most conservative countries besides maybe china or korea when it comes to relationships and sexuality. it's only a few groups of people from japan that produce porn and such that makes people in america think that japanese girls are slutty. this stereotype is very false among regular girls. most girls are kind, passive and shy.
A: wow she's really helpful and smart. who is she?
B: oh she's that new japanese girls Yuka
by supergalfromjapan October 31, 2009
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For those that can't get white girls.
Do you find yourself too intimated or too geeky to approach attractive white girls? Have you ever tried to talk to and have been rejected by that cute redhead next door, that stunning brunette in history class, or that blonde cheerleader you've always dreamed of? Then worry no more, Japanese girls are here to help you feel lonely no longer! For many years, Japanese girls have provided an alternative way for men to enjoy love and companionship at an easier price. No longer do you have to be that strong quarterback, or that Brad Pitt look-alike just to have those boring doll-faced white girls drooling over you. Countless Japanese girls and most other Asian girls dye their black hair blonde or red and get blue or green eye contacts all the time, which means you get the same qualities you look for in a white girl, but easier. All you have to do to win the hearts of Japanese girls (no matter how nerdy you are) is be either a white guy or a black guy!!!
by honestwhitemanXIII April 13, 2011
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They do it to me everytime.
"Goddamn You Half Japanese Girls"
"the redhead said you shred the cello."
"and I'm jello, baby."
by Teaton April 9, 2009
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