A wonderful girl that came from the beautiful land of Japan. She has the brightest smile and the sweetest laugh. She makes everyone feel happy when she's around.
Did you see that girl in the lounge? She's super Yuka sweet.
by urbandictionclassics December 15, 2008
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A girl who tries to get everyone’s attention. Revives fast after break up and many fall in love, yet many fall out of it. despretely needs love. Yuka is a girl everyone wants to be friends with.
Yuka:I’m so upset. Give me attention my minion
by Minehodgid February 18, 2018
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That annoying anime character thats has nothing to do with the plot, that everyone wants to murder because of her pointless love obsession with her cousin.
In Sankarea, Ranko is such a yuka.
by Delicious Taco Monster June 21, 2015
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John: I think this girl is beyond perfect.
Alex: You might as well just say "this girl is Yuka".
by Beta_Meow March 30, 2020
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Long and large quanity of pubic hairs located in the vaginal area. Abnormal than the ordinary female.Also see "Muff"
"OH MY GOD"...that's what I said when i saw her with the biggest MUFFY YUKA in the world.
by Rad April 25, 2003
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An evil Japanese international student who has split personalities depending on the language that she is speaking.

She likes to sweep the air and wants to marry Ohtani Shohei.
Ohtani Shohei: Have you seen a crazy Yuka around? I'm trying to escape from her clutches
Naveena: You mean that really adorable Japanese girl?
Maya: Don't let her split personality fool you!!!
by thetubbytaco November 5, 2019
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A shit brew of many different alcohols tailored to the female persuasion. Pure tastiness while strongly intoxicating certainly will bring out the nastiness in drunk college girls.
"Aunt Jemima has had 4 yuka fluxs and shes fucked right up"

"Dude it has some syrup in it"

"Johns totally going to fuck her"
by TAGGART OPEN 2009!!! April 4, 2009
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