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An idiom for masturbation. Used in casual reference to the act, before or after.
I have to get the white out before my date tonight.

That girl drove me so crazy, I had to get the white out as soon as I got home.
by Nevada City October 9, 2015
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You need to get a White monster and a white one only on November 15th
Karl: Oh my got it's November 15th give me your credit card

Jimmy: No why?

Karl: It's national get a white monster day
by hallooooo November 15, 2021
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a phrase termed to a rather voluptuous milf who is a bit shy in getting her knickers down
You pull your random mate Lukes mum in town. You get her home and she wont strip cos shes intimidated by your youth. So you say, 'LUKES MUM NOOOOOOOOOO, get your great white pussy out'
by Bobby Beer Ball February 25, 2009
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