In a state in which a person could careless about a person, place, thing or a group.
Delvis didn't show up for this blunt, ah, fuck 'em.
by ismokedope November 27, 2006
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A term directed toward an unspecified group of people, used to combat deep feelings of rejection due to repeated failure that is perceived to be the fault of that group.
"Who needs a G.E.D anyway? Fuck 'em."
by camel_trainer January 26, 2006
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A derogatory expression indicating disgust with an individual or group of same. An expression of bravado. A colloquialism from the iron mining village of Republic in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. Most typically followed by the somewhat nonsensical term, "or feed 'em fish," for emphasis.
"So what if we're smokin' dope on the front steps of the cop shop, I say fuck 'em or feed 'em fish."
by James J Miron January 25, 2006
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A blatant disregard for your own saftey and the well-being of others.
Person 1: "Dude, you realize that sign said 'Do Not Enter', don't you?."
Person 2: "Fuck 'em, we're going."
by yullS January 24, 2008
Get the fuck 'em mug. know when you jus dont give too shits and squirt of piss about what somebody is thinking in there tiny little heads yea thats what im talkin about FUCK EM ignore some one
eyo man do you here your phone is ringing. "yea fuck em"
by otkmob March 18, 2007
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Fuck ‘em
Fuck ‘em bro
by dougscales March 1, 2019
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shortened interjection of "fucked 'em up", used after someone has been proven wrong or has been outdone in an argument or insult with no chance of a come-back, resulting in humiliation and looking like an ass; meant to be yelled too fast to be understood sounding something like "FACKED 'EM" but not obvious enough for the teachers to understand
Origin: Boiling Springs High School, S.C. class of 2013
In class
fag: "like OMG, you made a 55 on that test it was SOOOO easy, haha you're so dumb"
other guy: ''atleast i don't like dick"
fag: (hush mode)
other guy: "FUCKED 'EM"
by myleftbuttcheek November 7, 2011
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