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is adding sperm to an already protein packed meal then claiming it's a conspiracy.
Dude, you be janging
by hothoff August 04, 2010
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Janging JANG-nound JANG ING verb

Janging refers to the process by which a nut has been busted, and ejeculate is shot, specifically similar to jizzing which is slang for ejeculation janging takes emphasis for comedic ways of doing so originally most commonly as jizzing on a fake or hair, breasts or back of a woman but as time went on these examples fell under the catagory of quite mainstream jizzing tecqniques so janging now is a loose term for jizzing (funnier way of saying it) or specifically a really funny way of having busted. Examples of both below .
1. "Man I made the spider man hand gesture as I was beating it off in her face"

"epic jang bro"

2." Dude its been a great month Ive been janging all over town, 3 chicks in one week and then I janged the shit out of this one ho' "

3. "yo shes so dirty she let me jang on her tits and we met up with her parents for dinner like 10 min later I was laughing the whole time, I think I could smell it "

"your like the high risk jang champion dude"

3. In the famous hollywood comedy "Theres something about marry" Actor Ben Stillers characher jangs so hard he cant find where he busted a nut, and is later discovered by actress Cameron Diaz's charachter as what she mistakes for hairgel and promtly applies to her own hair- Historians note this is possibly the worlds first apreance of a major janging in American pop culture

4. In United States politics, the Bill Clinton- Monica lewinsky sex scandal was at one point in a pivitol moment when allegations of a dress worn by Mrs.Lewinsky that had been stained with semen was a public relations nightmare and one awsomely funny janging story
by Jangalang Vincent Van Brosef August 04, 2011
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Janging is short for cutting the grass for some money. It can also mean a loser with no life. Or a actress gone singer. Wow theres some difference
Janging is a good way to make a living
by Homefrog January 29, 2004
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