The act of a man ejaculating in his hand and flicking it in his woman's face like a spider web.
JD gave sally the spider man on her face in a fantastic fit of passion.
by Bukkake the porno clown November 9, 2006
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When a male ejaculate's into his hand and then throws it in the face of another, but then you have to stand proudly in a superhero pose or it is not a proper Spider-Man
Last night I preformed a Spider-Man on my partner and then proceeded to make a sandwich
by Killa-on-a-spree April 16, 2019
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A super hero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and published by Marvel comics. He first appeared in the final edition of Amazing Fantasy, originally titled Amazing Adult Fantasy, in 1962.

The origin of Spider-Man has been told many times in comics, cartoons, TV shows and films. Broadly speaking it is the story of Peter Parker a nerdy teenager bitten by a radioactive spider. This encounter leaves Peter with spider like speed, strength and agility. Drunk on his new found power he goes in search of ways to make money and after a wrestling show fails to stop a burgler from stealing the gate takings at a show. This man goes on to kill his uncle. Realising that he could have stopped this Peter learns the hard way that "With great power, there must also come great responsibility". He vows never to allow anyone to be hurt by his inaction again.
Spider-Man has recently been the subject of 2 highly successful Hollywood movie and appears in a number of regular publications by Marvel comics.
by Iain Farrell May 23, 2005
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The Spider-Man is a move that you make mid-sex, here’s how you do it: You crawl across the bed to your girl, aim for her crotch, and dive head first into it.
Me: “YO! Me and Sarah just did the Spider-Man!”
Friend: “What the fuck...”
by The Rapes Bane October 13, 2019
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Spider man is when you ejaculate into your hand after intercourse, and then in a very spidey way you throw your sperm onto your girls face and then try to drag her closer to you with all the load hanging between your hand and her face
" Last night I was Spider man while my girl tried to get away, she couldn't "
by GayLórd69 August 15, 2016
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the best motherfucking person ever. practically my fucking idol. kicks everyone's ass.
by anonymous September 27, 2004
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Doing the Spider-Man is when you walk up the walls to get into position to then cum into your own mouth
by SpideyCumGuzzler April 13, 2022
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