Racist: "I hate those Jangs I hope they don't come to the main island, all they do is export their fucking box eyed. And their coal, it's a really useful source of coal."
by Gatack September 7, 2015
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Any object or person that is strange and unusual, and can not be described any other way.
"Oh my god that guy has a purple 1965 dodge, with gold fenders, that is so jang!"
by Maidenak May 23, 2004
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Slang word used for a Juul (Vaping Device)
Hey man, let me hit the Jang.
by Jangis Khan July 12, 2019
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Janging: fucking
King Jang: King of Fucks
you want some drowski bro?
naw kid, imma be jangin this hoe i picked up yestaday on lemon st. all night, i wanna remember this shit
by $K-Rich$ November 15, 2007
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A verb. To jang. Can be used in place of many verbs. Most commonly describes idle time spent doing nothing in particular, but really works for just about anything.
What did you do today?
Ohh you know, just janged around.

Jang that spatula in the drawer.

He janged all over her face.

by jizzabojang January 4, 2009
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Verb; to ejaculate, cum, splooge.
Noun; equivalent of jizz, spunk, jizm, semn, sperm.
- Verb-
Barry " Did you jang on that bitch's face or what kid?"

Joe "Nah, but I shot a hot one down her gullet."
by Neo June 15, 2003
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