one fine ass bitch. really, that bitche's ass is FINE. okay face and tits, but you aren't gunna notice those because her ass is THAT fucking awesome to look at. any human being should want to fuck the shit out of that girl, and if they don't, hey haven't seen the posters for charlies angels 2.
-what's up?
-not much. just banged cameron diaz.
-you bet. i pounded her like crazy!
-use a condom?
-naw, those feel weird
-can i suck your dick?
-ain't that a
-naw man, i just wanna taste her pussy
-oh, cool
by cool andy December 30, 2006
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beautiful woman,blonde,dream woman,sexy body, amazing figure, voice is sexy too. She fine Cameron Diaz
your lady got a fine ass you got a cameron Diaz,
by Jim Burthoust August 23, 2006
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One of the ugliest and most overrated actresses in Hollywood. She has scraggly hair, a pasty blotchy complexion, beady little eyes, and a huge clown mouth that's known for unintelligent remarks and a bimbo hyena like laugh - what's attractive about that??

Cameron fits into mainstream Hollywood - white, skinny, blonde, blue-eyed, perky/peppy. It's one of the major reasons for her success as she has NO acting talent whatsoever. Not only that, but look at her filmography and anyone can see those movies are horrific i.e. Very Bad Things, Charlie's Angels, etc. She just needs to disappear off the face of the Earth altogether.
Highest paid actress? For what??? She SUCKS!!
by ps March 15, 2005
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a person who thinks that have a great ass and porceeds to shake it all about.
"Yo that flat assed chick over there is so Cameron Diaz in da club.
by HoneyTizzle March 21, 2005
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Cameron Diaz

1. An actress who is dating Justin Timberlake and hasn't been in a decent movie since There's something about Mary.

2.Someone with a English,German,Native American,and Cuban background
1.Did Cameron Diaz die? I haven't seen her since Shrek!

2.Brooke is a Cameron Diaz
by Your Mom in a bikini July 10, 2006
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probably one of the hottest actresses today, has a gorgeous face, nice body and charming personality.
Cameron Diaz is the bomb.
by shewux November 14, 2004
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Bitch that sooo cheated on Jared Leto with Justin Timberlake.

Annoying laugh, needs help with movies.
Scary mouth.

'Nuff said.
That Cameron Diaz has the laugh of a dying werewolf.
by Natalie [Echelon] October 30, 2007
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