the name of the most beautiful woman in the world, other woman were so jelous of Jane's that they made up a term for Jane's calling them plain because it rhymed and made them feel better about themselves cause they were not names jane and they are ugly.

can be highly taken for granted and care for everyone. If you like one, be honest with her because she cares for people including you and if you hurt her you’ll regret it for a long time.

janes are extremely clever and know more than you think.

janes hate fakes and when people try hard to be someone they’re not just to be cool.

janes are always the girls with the sense of humor in any group

jane's can also be that girl that had a crush on you in high school but you never dated, then she shows up at the reunion lookin all hot and successfull, then you kick your self in the ass for not being nicer to her because now she is hot and wont give you the time of day.

jane's are better then everyone, and are usually associated with class and wealth and beauty

the hot girl next door that you grew up next too is always named, or should always be named jane
“Wow, I should never have let Jane go.”
by MATSMO June 11, 2019
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Someone who is very average in appearance and everything else, even though everyone wants to be her and thinks she is gorgeous. "Plain Jane"
Everyone else: "Jane, your pictures are so pretty, you are so going to be a model. Every night I pray to God that I'll wake up and look like you."
Dan: (sigh) "That girl's smile could brighten anyone's day!"
by anonymous January 18, 2004
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someone who is an all around better than everyone else. a girl who is hotter, better at sex, smarter, and more gifted then you could ever attempt to be.
boy: im braking up with you
girl: ah! why? (sobs quietly)
boy: because im in love with Jane
girl: oh. i understand. she is perfect in everyway
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Jane's often have OCD or they have the effects. They keep things neat and always try to do their best, especially academically. They often try to improve themself and usually learn from their mistakes. Her friends say she is very pretty but Janes usually find themself, at the most, average. They usually have dark brown to dirty blonde and curly hair, and they love to laugh and have fun, and food is absolutely amazing to them. They are rebellious on occasions and they love to be crazy and wild with their closest friends. Janes can be really social at times, but they also like their alone time. When bored, they occasionally decide to clean parts of their house, and they love art and designing almost anything, and they love when things are clean and organized.
Person 1: Oh look it's Jane
Person 2: Cool
by blelele June 14, 2019
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A petite, sexy bitch who loves to read and is very, very thicc.
Person one: Who is that hottie reading a book in the middle of the street?
Person two: Oh. That's Jane.
by Flabbergastedboi May 13, 2019
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Jane always are out of everyone’s league and guys are too shy to talk to them cause they intimidating. Jane is the funniest friend in the group no cap. She gets what she wants. If you make a Jane mad, girlll you better watch tf out. If you are friends with a Jane, never drop them cause they will either: rise to the fucking top and everyone will want to be them, or make your life miserable. They are literally models or future models, cause janes are always tall and FIERCE. They seem innocent but on the inside they crazyyyy & freaky. They don’t do too many hookups cause a Jane ain’t no hoe but when they get a man they loyal af. They usually have a flatter ass but HUGE boobs. In high school always try getting with Jane, cause dude you’ll regret it so much if you don’t.
Jane is the prettiest person ive ever seen!
Ok but Jane is drop dead HOT
Damn, I wish I could talk to Jane!
by Mike.f02 February 06, 2019
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jane: you are gone too much we are breaking up
thor: *6 years later* playing fortnite, drinking beer and drowning in sorrows
by kylehhhh April 29, 2019
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