Jad is so amazing and Jad has 99 jumping and as well as 99 sprint speed. Jad is the best. He will do u some favors if u ask for something. He is straight as fuck. Jad is so KUL
Yo Bro.. we have a corner..
Ye ok im about to Jad this bitch and score a header as u know 99 jumping.
More KUL than Yanal is the definition of Jad
by LaurenGermanIsAmazing December 11, 2019
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You're so Jad.
That movie was so Jad.
by CoolKidFG May 8, 2011
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He is the hottest guy you will ever see like ever!!! He is kind hearted, sweet and hot as fuckkk. If you ever meet a Jad you should definitely go for him. The Jad can be seen as a demi God, born of Godess of Love and God of power!
This man is such a Jad!😱😍
I’m dreaming of having a Jad by my side, but I’m scared he’ll be too hot to touch tho🔥😏
by AngelDemon68 April 20, 2018
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jad is a really cool guy who is always there for his friends, is an amazing actor but has really stupid hair can be a twat at times
by weirdiebug June 10, 2015
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Jad is someone who is kind, smart, generous, and handsome. He is one of a kind. When Jad is around, everything becomes perfect. Jad is a very funny person that is also very unique. His qualities are tremendous and exquisite.
His personality is from a different universe.
Jad is cool
by Jackson mgcl2 January 3, 2018
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Used as a verb, noun, adjective, or adverb. Can be used in any context with the definition at your discretion. Typically with a extremely good or extremely bad connotation
"What are you jads doing?"

"hey, bill would you quit jadding around?"
by Eggleston Tractor December 15, 2008
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JAD = just about doable - normally female who meets the requirments for sex
what do you think of her ? she is JAD
by burkurk November 9, 2006
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