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Extraordinary does actually make sense if you educate yourself a little bit. It does not mean more ordinary, people seem to think this because "extra" usually means more when used alone. However, "ex", the Latin prefix used in extraordinary, means "out of". So word means "out of the ordinary," and now everything makes sense. Also, extra, when used in Latin meant beyond, so again the word would mean "beyond ordinary." Make sense?

Take extraterrestrial, it means out of or beyon earth (terra meaning earth) and it has the same prefix as extraordinary. Yay!
Person: extraordinary is such a dumb word, it's like literally saying more ordinary, that makes no sense.
Me: no, it means out of the ordinary because the Latin prefix means out of or beyond, learn your shit.

Person: oh!!
by Knowing stuff is cool August 02, 2013
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Someone who surpasses every goal they make, a miracle and wonder to everyone, a trend setter comedian a beautiful angel and the love of my life
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Exceptional, outstanding, outrageous, unique, incredible or ridiculous, odd, strange, weird. This word itself is "extraordinary" because this adjective can be used to describe good things and bad things. Most commonly it is used to describe good things. This is the word that should be used when one has "no words" for something. Any person, action, idea, event etc, that may leave you speechless, this is the word to use for that.
"We won this contest thanks to this extraordinary idea"
"Chameleons are very extraordinary pets"
"This food looks too... extraordinary, I think I'd rather just stick with pizza"
by Quokka.Cola July 08, 2017
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the most contradicting word in the english language.
people use extraordinary as something thats amazing or special in some way. but if there's ordinary and extraordinary. EXTRA-ORDINARY. if somethings extra ordinary then its just more ordinary than other things. how does that make is special in any way other than the fact that its more plain and boring than everything else.
theres no such things as extraordinary.
by skjghskflgh August 13, 2007
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an adjective to describe how something is more ordinary than ordinary. In other words, it means that somethying is more equal than equal which does not make sense
I shall now use mathematics to prove my theory.
x must always equal to x
there is no such way that x=x+1
unless x happens to be infinity then infinity +1 would still equal to infinity because nobody bothers to count that high.
therefore extraordinary does not make sense unless it is used on a very ordinary but not ordinary subject
"I am extraordinary"
"yeah, you're just more ordinary than me that means you're more same as I am"
by nonsense! May 28, 2007
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