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Jacinta is a name used most often to describe a female.
A Jacinta is usually very pure and innocent regardless of her expressive nature and attractive attire.
When in love with a Jacinta most men find they are unable to think impure thoughts of her and are restricted (in a good way) to having only loving thoughts of her.
- I'm totally in love with this girl, I'd do anything she asked and be content.
- You've fallen for a Jacinta, I hope I'll have that experience some day.
by E-lol March 13, 2011
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A greek name (meaning beautiful) she always looks good in the morning without trying. A very humble girl when in public but when love hits and all😈 she makes any man go wild. She takes things seriously and is the most sexy intelligent unique girl ever p
as soon as she said her name was Jacinta, I knew she was the one
by Darlian March 18, 2018
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My sister Jacinta is perfect. She is kind, loving caring and will listen to rattle on about things that don't interest her. She is a perfect student and has already got a job. Big suprise there!! Though she is kind, when she needs to go do homework she will stop just short of badly injuring you to get there. She is a Determined, Beauiful young women and it looks as if she will go far.
So lucky that you're dating a Jacinta!
by Melecorn June 16, 2019
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A total good girl (or so it seems). An adorable cutie pie, a sweetheart.
Everyone loves a Jacinta since she is hiding a sexy little minx inside her that often comes out when she hits the town (or in bed...)
She is much more experienced then she appears and will drive any young male wild in bed.
Guy A: How was that girl you took home from the club last night?
Guy B: Oh god, she was such a Jacinta, it blew me away - well she did at least! - hoping to ask her on a date cos dude I could go that again, many times!
by 10.22 June 24, 2009
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Everyone loves a Jacinta! Beautiful body with a brain to match. Her presence is always known, as soon as she steps out everyone falls in complete awe. She might look innocent or claims she is but that’s definitely not the case since she will send any man wild into bed. Better watch out she is dangerous in and out of bed.
Guy 1: How was last night with Jacinta?
Guy 2: Man she blew my mind, I think I’m catching feelings
Guy 1: Yep that’s Jacinta for you.
by AminaBlue January 27, 2019
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A female name. Amazingly funny, kind, smart and sweet. Unbelievably beautiful and attractive, stunning. Simply perfect
guy 1: Who was that girl you were talking to last night.
guy 2: Jacinta, she's amazing i don't believe in perfection but perfect is the only way to describe her.
by 6:01 April 15, 2011
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