Someone who’s hella cute and you can just describe them as cutie pie. You want to give them the whole world. For you, they’re the most attractive, most beautiful and prettiest human being on earth and they make you happy eveytime they message you.
Tristan is a cutie pie, i love his cute ass.
by anonym12091994 April 2, 2019
1. Someone you like a lot
2. Someone who is pretty and makes you laugh and pokes you every once in a while
The girl I like is my cutie pie.
by Anonymous May 4, 2003
what you call someone who is cute and cannot handle expressions of sweetness yet secretly enjoys them. best accompanied by over the top emojis.
Hey, cutie pie.🐻💖
You are a cutie pie.💋👩 ❤️ 💋 👨
Ugly cutie pie 😻💘
by Couch sweet potato September 17, 2019
Someone you think is cute; attractive.
AWWH, she's such a cutie pie.
by ewelizabeth June 2, 2009
this is when someone is so cute you want to contain them in the form of a pie and eat them all up.
gosh...that dude is so cute i want me some cutie pie
by cute 2 July 29, 2008
often described as cute, adorable, and loving.
My girlfriend is such a cutie pie.
by Adrianna Lazaro February 28, 2015