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To be exposed as a complete fraud and have your career ended by this, or at least lose the majority of your fanbase.
Rick Ross (the rapper) was Ja Ruled in 2008 mainly due to 50 Cent, it was found out that he was a CO in a prison and had little to no criminal record. Furthermore his "baby mama" exposed him even further. This almost completely ruined his career, thus he was "Ja Ruled".
by theexposer216 June 06, 2010
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To have all of your rap street cred and lies about your life exposed so much by a rival MC, that you lose about 90% of your fan base....

While being "Ja Rule'd"...a rapper might call up a radio station so irate that they sound like a complete jack ass...while their opponent is as cool as a fan...
As of February 3rd....rapper Rick Ross...who lied about his life as a rich drug dealer..and was exposed as being a former officer of the law...(a CO is an OFFICER of Law Enforcement)...was exposed by 50 cent when 50 flew up Ross's Baby mother...who Ross doesnt give money to..not even for his own kid...and had her expose him.... Later 50 took care of her and her friend by taking them shopping...while suggesting that there would be some sex later...

Ross called up Hot97...pissed...and speaking so uncool..and unlike his usual BOSS character, that he sounded like a whole different person....

He was Ja Rule'd!
by mrnucky February 02, 2009
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Meaning to have been pwned; or in non internet junkie language, it means to get owned in a fight
John got JA-ruled at that fight last night
by Haji May 06, 2005
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To get roasted so hard (specifically/preferably in a rap battle) you drop off the face of the Earth and are never to be seen nor heard from again.

This phrase (which I hope to God I just coined) is referencing where Ja Rule got lyrically dunked on by starting beef with 50 Cent. What marked the beginning of the end for Ja Rule when he dropped the song Loose Change and made the worst mistake of his life by saying "*Em you claim your mother's a crackhead and Kim is a known slut, so what's Hallie gonna be when she grows up?*" In which it all came to a head in the song Hallie's Revenge. Shady/Aftermath counting Obie Trice, G-Unit, and D12 (except Eminem who stayed in the background and on the hook) brought upon a lyrical onslaught the likes of which have never been seen since Hit Em Up.

{Also, just for the record: I skipped over songs like Bump Headz because while they were good songs they were a bit irrelevant in this definition. Additionally, Loose Change was a damn good song right up until the point Ja decided to beef with Eminem no beef with anybody, just how shit played out. Now, on to my horrifically shit rapping ability}
Ayy, Lil Nelson, I bust a hard line, call me Boris Yeltsin, grab my ass a tank and I'll be taking the gold bars I be spittin to the bank. That before or after I go cuckoo on you with a shank? Who's to say? Don't matter this gay little Nelson rippin a Beyblade is gonna get filleted and see how long he's going be feeling like a salmon steak.

Group of people enjoying the battle: "DAYUM SON HE JUST GOT FUCKING JA RULE'D"
"Ay homie, I'll help you pack yo shit"

Eminem: "Ja Rule? Ain't heard that name in a long time."
by FattyGinger McFuckYou August 02, 2018
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