4 definitions by rap hater

Eminem is NOT from Detroit. He only said that so he could make more money off his rap CDs, and ironically, today's rap music uses a mutilated version of techno for the background music.
Not many people like techno thanks to the vast majority of songs out there that give the genre a bad name.
by rap hater September 8, 2003
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An ass-rapper who will not survive one day in a REAL ghetto.
Ja Rule is so ugly he could give a sewer rat nightmares.
by rap hater July 16, 2003
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One of the best musicians today. If you haven't heard of him, you don't know what music is. And anyone who says he sucks is an MTV-brainwashed faggot.
I just got 2 of Fatboy Slim's CDs on discount, and that was the best $15 I ever spent. Pure musical bliss. :^D
by rap hater September 17, 2003
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What most rappers preticipate in, although they are heavily looked down apon for doing so.
50 Cent likes doing rappanomics.
by rap hater November 8, 2003
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