The act of receiving fellatio, and causing the giver to laugh right as one orgasms, making semen come out the giver's nose.
I sucked his dick last night and he gave me such a typhoon, my nose still stings a little from it.
by jeff January 23, 2005
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Filling up a large garbage bin/can and leaning it up against someone's door so when the door opens inward, the water flows out all over the persons room and stuff
We typhooned Paul's room so bad all of his stuff was soaked.
by Chris Keenan June 21, 2006
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A type of hairstyle sported by Prince in the early 90s. Very puffy on top.
Lyrics from I Want 2 Melt With U
'From the tip of my typhoon
2 the bottom of your ankle chains'
by Arabia February 15, 2005
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1) a huge whooshing pee
2) the act of expelling a large quantity of noxious gasses from the rectal, vaginal, naval, penisal, nasal, oral, or optical orfice
1) Horace typhooned into the trash recepticle.
2) It seems like every time I pass by you on the street, you're typhooning.
by Meghan and Jenny March 21, 2003
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Typical of women. The practice of getting ready for a date or a girls' night out and LEAVING the clothes, make up, shoes and accessories you took out of wherever, yet decided NOT to put on yourself, ALL OVER THE PLACE.
"Can't you ever just wear the first thing you take out of your closet and not leave the typhoonism all over the room for me to clean up after you?!"
by Nia G May 26, 2012
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