People that suck at rapping...
such as Ja Rule
Ja Rule is such an ass-rapper
by BoBo January 11, 2005
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1) usually a white rapper that knows nothing about the rap society just to make a profit

2) used in the song "show me yo bootyhole by saosin
1) guy: Do you like that new eminem? I hear hes pretty good.

guy2: Damn those crack ass rappers. he doesnt even know what rap is about

2) "First thing's first I know my style is wack
And first things thirds I don't even listen to rap
All these people always hatin' on me
Screamin' out loud (Man, fuck that boosty.)
All these "crack ass rappers" trying to make it to the top
But with pointless rapping
Adding pointless clapping
Only B to C will never stop
*clap, clap, clap*"
by Sergent Applebees January 04, 2007
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A mixed drink that surpasses all others in every way. Pour equal parts vodka and champagne in a cup with some ice.

Ball till you fall, or drink till your fingers stink.

A true ballin ass rapper drink requires top notch ingredients, specifically Grey Goose and Martini Spumante Champagne, but not errybodys on that Young Jeezy tip.
Ay nigga, time to celebrate. We sippin on ballin ass rapper drinks tonight.

Up in the VIP we pour Ballin Ass Rapper Drinks
by Drat Pack October 22, 2011
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