A foxy looking Hebrew with wide hips for continuing the faith.
AePi Bro #1: Who's the smokin' JILF?
AePi Bro #2: That's my sister.
Bro #1: I'd like to show her my 'Woody Allen'
Bro #2: Dude....she's 14. Not cool.
by hipsterjew March 23, 2010
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Oh man, did you see that JILF? That's the biggest bonkin' nose I've seen all year!
by Caffine Overdose March 29, 2004
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Dude, that Ruth Bader Ginsberg. What a JILF! I'd love to suck her torts.
by El Priest October 31, 2007
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Jew I'd Like to F*ck.
yeah, lemme tell ya, theres a couple of them out there.
im a jew.
to most people, I'M a JILF. <33333
"SG and AS and KS and HS and DB are so hot. JILF's right thuuuur."
by imajilf August 27, 2009
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Jilf stands for “Jew I’d Like to Fuck”. The more Hebrew, the better. Examples of prominent Jilf’s in current pop culture include Jake Gyllenhaal, Drake, and most importantly, Mort from Family Guy.
“Hey, are you guys still going to muffin night today?”

“Yes, but we have to invite Liam, bro. He’s such a Jilf,

No kippah, but he can’t come because today’s Hanukkah.”
by Coco Z September 13, 2019
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jilf jilf jilf jilf!!!
by phil April 20, 2005
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