Shortened version of "Kill Steal"; A term used on MMORPGs to describe the act of barging in to kill a monster (or other enemy) that another player had been fighting first and receiving the XP that rightfully belonged to the first player to engage the enemy in battle. KSer: one who KSes; KSing: The act of commiting a KS.
"If you don't go find your own monsters and cut out the KSing, I'll be fragging your ass next time I see you "
by aMelee August 22, 2003
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A yaoi manga on lezhin comics called Killing Stalking.
person1: “Have you seen episode 12 of KS yet?”
person2:”No, please don’t spoil it!”
by Psychosomatic December 27, 2021
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Abbreviated form of Kinda-sorta. Quick way to say yes to something but at the same time no. Not like IDK which means that you're not sure how you feel, but more like you currently have mixed feelings about it and you can indeed elaborate on it but choose not to.
Dood: So you're a Knicks fan?

Me: KS.

Dood: What do you mean, you like them or not?

Me: Ks...

Dood: YES OR NO???

by TheBx41 October 7, 2012
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Kill Steal. The most annoying thing in MMORPGs ever. Preferably used on newbies.
n00b: STAP KSing ME U HOAR!

by TomatoSauce July 28, 2008
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Terminoligy spawned by Michael Altenburg (aka Axlrose7000) at the Minibosses message board. Used in lieu of LOL, it stands for "knee slapper" and is to be deployed in times of hilarity.
That Lindar the Beard joke was a KS!
by Daemon9623 January 2, 2005
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If the original party that gave the damage to the target, but does not recieve any reward when another party kill it
Kill Steal Occur!

If the original party that gave the damage to the target, but still recieve reward when another party kill the it
Kill Steal does not happen!
Kill Steal, these two words is create for other games, some players have been misuse them and result Maple Story Team think there is an action call KIll Stealing in Maple Story

Example, in DarkAges, our party is hitting a monster, a warrior appear and use a warrior skill call rescue on the monster, and kill it, Full experience goes to the warrior that give the final hit (Kill Stealing Happen)

Example, in CounterStrike, I shooting an enemy for a period of time, and when the enemy is dying, my teammate jump out and kill him (Kill Stealing Happen)

Example, in Gunbound, Game Start, I and my teammate start damaging the enemy nearby, then when my enemy(target) is dying, my teammate change his target and kill my target (Kill Stealing Happen)

Example, in Shattered Galaxy, Battle start... using a group of apparition walking around the map, saw a group of Arbalest, and i start shooting them, then my teammate control his eagle(which currently attacking another enemy) fly toward us and kill the Arbalest (Kill Stealing does not happen, because we should help each other in battle and if we win the battle, I still get experience for the battle)

Example, in Maple Story, training in SleepyWood Dungeon, kill a monster that previously damaged by another party(Kill Stealing does not happen, because he still recieve the experience for damaging the monster)

Example, in Prince of Qin, training in a forest, kill a monster that previously damaged by another party (Kill Stealing does not happen, because he still recieve the experience for damaging the monster)
by AxE December 3, 2004
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Khalifa Syndrome, it's when you ask stupid retarded questions or give stupid answers.
Khalifa: Can blind people see their dreams and do they dream?
Omar: Don't answer guys, he have KS.
by TheTrollKing August 15, 2011
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