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A man so beautiful, you could cry. Seriously, like, look at his eyes. Well actually don't, you may have a sexiness overload. He's just too hot to handle. This man is a god, and if you don't treat him as such THERE WILL BE CONSEQUNCES. I SHIT YOU NOT.
Oh, so you think you're going to date Jake Gyllenhaal? SOMEONE BETTER HOLD ME THE FUCK BACK BEFORE I GO TO BREAK THIS THOT'S NECK.
by someone you dont know June 12, 2014
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A term used to describe a homosexual and/or a chronic masturbator as demonstrated in Brokeback Mountain and Jarhead.
1. Chris Rock : Yo Dave, I heard that Eddie Murphy left his wife for a guy in New Edition.
Dave Chappelle : Eddie Murphy went jake gyllenhaal ???!!!
Charlie Murphy : . . . I thought those leather suits in Delerious and Raw were just a fad. Turns out my brother's a fag.
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the most gorgeous, incredible man on the planet. he is an american actor and starred in movies such as Donnie Darko and Brokeback mountain.
When I grow up, I want a Jake Gyllenhaal type of guy
by Lauren C. C. February 28, 2009
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The sexiest guy alive who was in Donnie Darko and The Day After Tomorrow. He is starring in Brokeback Mountain and Jarhead. If any of u r jake fans, then i love u all! and if ur not, then w/e.
Jake Gyllenhaal is way sexier than any other guy in the world!
by Im flipping awesome October 14, 2005
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The most beautiful man to walk the face of the earth. He is amazing...and Donnie Darko was not over-rated. It is amazing.
"cellar door"
"tell me, how does one suck a fuck"
"im voting for dukakis"
"what are feces?"
"have you ever seen a portal?"
"28 days. 6 hours. 42 minutes. 12 seconds."
jake gyllenhaal is an orgasm for your eyes
by Spoogie November 19, 2007
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