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Short for "Just Fucked Glow"

A look of contentment that comes over people after having really good sex, or a particularly intense orgasm.
Wow Lori, you have a really nice JFG!
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by Planarroulette August 21, 2017
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jfg, another from of web lingo, is similar to wtf, or omg, meaning 'just fucking great'.
jfg, mom just got home, g2g, ttyl.
by wjdb August 06, 2008
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Meaning "Just Fucking Google it". Said to people who have asked questions where the answer can be found by a quick google search.
"What's the capital of Australia?" "JFG!"
by Wellnz December 15, 2009
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when you are very drunk and sleep in your own pish...
i can't believe you just did that pampers that is a J.F.G.
by NEIL PATIENCE March 23, 2007
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Jesus Fā€™ing God
Man, I posted that I was looking for a date for flag day, but left out the ā€œLā€.

by RangerGeek February 18, 2018
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