That sinking feeling in your bowels after an especially greasy meal. Another name for mud butt. Most often heard after meals to Taco Bell.
Damn, I got the itis, where's the restroom.
by Ryan Eshelman January 23, 2006
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Constantly using the word bruh to respond to any incoming information.
Tammie: You always respond to every text I send with bruh, I think you have Bruh-itis

Blake: Bruh
by SmiggyBalls911 November 18, 2019
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To counter the sarcastic use of 'isit?'. Can also be used sarcastically to show lack of interest/disapproval in something one is saying.
Dec: FarCry2 isn't that bad

Tom: Isit (disapproval sarcasm)

Dec: Itis.


Tom: Is that the one who called you a legend?

Dec: Itis
by TrueQuiche November 2, 2009
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What happens when your nipples get hard in very cold weather. This happens to men and women. In some cases, nipple-itis can be seen if clothing is tight enough.
It's so cold out, I have nipple-itis.
Did you see Donna's nipple-itis?
by Kip Kooper February 1, 2013
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A disease originated by Marquise-the-fucked-up-bandido. Diagnosed by doctors, this disease causes people to royally fuck up. #mini sinep
Friend: damn, I just fucked up
Me: you just got Marquise-itis
by The AAC October 28, 2015
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A virulent disease causing inflammation of the cerebral cortex resulting in severe loss of the sufferer's cognitive faculties and zombie-like effects. It is highly contagious but is transmitted to only those with below average intelligence who are exposed to contact with yellow merchandise emblazoned with the number "46". Curiously, sufferers feel no ill effects and actually experience a kind of mass euphoria for most of their lives except for roughly 18 times per year when they are simultaneously struck with deep depression for a full week commencing on a Sunday. They compensate for this by watching replays of old races where Rossi has beaten his fiercest rivals.
David: What's wrong with Jackie and Raymond? They seem unable to focus and are running around like they've lost their minds.
Fred: They have, mate, they suffer from rossi-itis.

Grant: I just saw Borish crying on TV. What's the go?
Nonie: He has a severe case of rossi-itis and just heard that Rossi missed out on winning the championship. Again.
by Fred Eyre August 2, 2017
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Describes a videogame ported to PC from a console system, or co-developed for both console and PC, that is percieved to suffer from the alleged shortcomings of console gaming.

Symptoms of console-itis include save points, low texture/graphical detail, poor or no mouse support, lack of gameplay depth, and limited configuration options.

Presumably, with consoles becoming more and more like PCs, console-itis will become less and less of an issue in the days and years to come in the future of the age of tomorrow.
There are too many examples to list. Just think of almost any console game ported to PC that you've played, and there's your example.
by Phlegatu July 22, 2005
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