A pet form of Tamara, which is from the Hebrew Tamar meaning: date palm, a palm tree.

A perfect goddess of unmatchable beauty and sex-appeal.

Tammie is sensual and moves with grace.

She is sexy, sophisticated, friendly and smart, but she can be one bad-ass bitch when she needs to be.
"Don't let Tammie's beauty & grace fool you, because she can handle anything that comes her way".
by katlovessex February 4, 2010
The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else
Tammie is an amazing, loyal and loving mom and friend, cross her or hurt her family and friends, she will definately RIP YOUR FACE OFF.
Tammie loves her kids
count on Tammie
my friend Tammie
Tammie is amazing
Badd ass Tammie
by tdub8051 February 3, 2010
The female name of choice for southern white trash who spends more time behind the bleachers instead of in them at the football game, and thinks Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers are the height of classy drinking, only to be served with Lean Cuisines.

Tammies usually end up as weathered old semi-employed sports bar hags and chair props with too much makeup looking for that special trucker or traveling salesman who might be the one to sweep her off her feet and into her fifth marriage. Tammies will normally have four kids by age 22, and by age 60 three of the four still live with her and her 6 maladjusted cats in the family double wide, which she thought it would be a wise investment, purchased with the $10,000 life insurance policy she got from the death of her first husband Earl who died drunk driving in the family station wagon. Tammies usually know the names of EVERY character in EVERY daytime soap and chats about them incessantly with her girlfriends during Bingo Night while hoping to win the $50 pot, because she’s low on the type of vodka that comes in the plastic containers. See also Luanne, Dee Dee, Doris, or Mary-Jo for other examples.
Tammie sent her son 14 year old Earl Jr. to the corner convenience store to pick up some scratch-off tickets and a carton of Virginia Slims because she didn't want to miss Jeopardy.
by Brubbies March 8, 2019
Tammy is a girl who is hard to come by shes completely gorgeous and has eyes that would make you fall in love the second you look into them and her smile and laugh will light up a room in a second she cares for people u unconditionally if you get a Tammy do not lose her
Omg it’s Tammy quick look your best she might notice us
by Yup son October 15, 2021
A Tammy is am amazing woman that does not care what others think. This person usually makes her own rules and is fierce. Sometimes a Tammy will scream and shout!
I gave a document to Tammy to sign, but she just ripped it up and yelled "YOLO"
by justwhateveriguess January 10, 2015
Tammy is an amazing girl. She is seriously funny and makes you laugh all the time. She is also really super smart and down-to-earth. Tammy is kind but also has a wild mischievous side. She never stops talking. She is lovely, and not to mention GORGEOUS! She is beautiful, and so cute.
Tammy is seriously awesome, funny, beautiful and so much more xxx
by darbehh May 31, 2013
The most supportive and kind person you’ll ever meet
I met a Tammy yesterday ,and she helped with a lot of my problems.
by Juice_Boxing May 11, 2021