I miss telling you to drink warm water, to stay warm and not get sick in this cold weather..

I can't even message you freely through the app like before ..
because you are not there anymore ...

Can we create more happy memories?
It's so cold, so I create this post to give it a thumb up whenever I want to say "Stay warm. Please take care. Drink warm water and please don't get sick.. Neither your loved ones.."
by The Gardener in Fairy Tales February 04, 2022
by Time Capsule💊 April 19, 2023
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Awesome rap about Detroit. Can be found on YouTube.
"It's So Cold in the D"
by Keepin_It_Real January 31, 2012
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A sentence to describe the feeling of wanting to blow up a entire nation and/or dying
"I'm so tired of being cold. And right now, I'm so cold. So, if you like. Don't mind- Imma bout to blow up an entire nation. Like, could you made stab me afterwards? That would be So SO epic. Like, I will look so cool. Please father. I will love you till my dying days unlike how I love my son."
by HowToSeks2 November 29, 2020
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a saying that is frequently said when a patient knows that the doctor (usually female) is about to look at his penis.
1.) doc.: alright well that is all done all i have to do is...
patient: why is it so cold in here?
doc: look at your genitals

2.) guy 1: dude i had to get surgery yesterday
guy 2: oh dude that sucks! were there any hot doctors?
guy 1: yeah there was a wicked hot female doctor there
guy 2: awesome
guy 1: yeah and like right after she asked to see my genitals i said "why is it so cold in here"
guy 2: oh dude what did she say?
guy 1: she was like sir just pull down your pants
guy 2: wow
guy 1: yeah and then she said well by the look of things you have nothing to be self-conscious about.
guy 2: no she didn't
guy 1: yeah she did and then she started to stroke my dick. i though i was about to get a boner right then and there
guy 2: alright new subject...
by my name is a secret dude December 16, 2010
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1)(metaphor) Welsh saying; Freeing to the point of shitting.
2)(Adjective)To describe a girl that makes you want to deficate.
1) Chris: It's freezing
Marc: I'm so cold I could shit
2) Chris: How did your date go?
David: She was so cold I could shit.
by Rubber Spoon November 6, 2007
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reffered to HIV/AIDS but..... this is the point when someone infected by AIDS has contracted a cold, and there is no turning back...
also known as deadly aids.
person 1: did u hear about honey?
person 2: yea, i hear he had the not so common cold?
person 1: well god rest his soul.
by dawordspecialist June 25, 2007
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