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Nonie is a variant of the Italian word noni or nona meaning grandmother.

It can be a pronoun or a proper noun depending on how your family uses it.
I'm going to Florida to visit Nonie.
I'm going to see my nonie at the nursing home.
by Clyde_Frog March 06, 2009
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A beautiful young girl. One who doubts her beauty all the time, but everyone knows how beautiful she is. Complimented all the time but still feels like she is not "beautiful" enough. Tall and slim. She is one of a kind, and her personality is something very different than everyone else's.
Did you see that Nonie?
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by Nany D April 12, 2017
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(pronounced no-knee)

A word often used by women speaking to other when when referring to their vaginas in casual conversation.
Sarah: "What are you doing home? I thought you were going to see your squeeze tonight?"
Breezy: "I still am, but I had to come get my nonie fresh before I head over, dude. No one likes day-old sub-par lady bits." :p
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by travelingwanderlusthoboskank January 06, 2018
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Nonie is a asapanic word for "Candy"
"I sure want a Nonie right now!" or "these Nonie's sure are good!"
by Stewart Ann January 16, 2014
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