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The elder brother of Uchiha Sasuke, missing nin of Konohagakure. Slaughtered his entire town including his family but left his one little brother (Sasuke) alive to seek revenge against him. Was once captain in his ANBU team, possesses the SHARINGAN, and is totally bad-ass.
"Foolish brother... if you want to kill me.. then hate, spite, and survive pathetically, run, and run... and cling desperately to life."
by uchiha itachi March 06, 2004
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A super-delicious sexy man who rules the bedroom. A great father/sibling, he cares for all. His bangs make you hot and his eyes cause massive orgasms. He is the reason for living; the reason for dying.
Itachi: Hey...
Person: *Massive orgasm*
by BlueberryWin August 01, 2009
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One of the strongest characters in Naruto, he is the prodigy of the Uchiha clan.

Was the number one rookie at the mere age of 7, had mastered the sharingan at 8, became a Chuunin at 9, and became an ANBU Captain at 13. Now 17, he is considered as one of the best shinobis in Naruto.

He left Konoha after slaughtering his entire family, except for his little brother Sasuke.
Hate me...Run, run, run. Live like a weakling, and learn to have me.

Even he is stronger than me...
by Siegfried July 13, 2004
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A Main Character in The Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Series.

Itachi Uchiha. In the series Itachi is first shown as The Bad Guy and object of hate for Sasuke Uchiha his little brother. Itachi is shown to have killed his Clan except his little brother telling Sasuke to hate him. Itachi is paired with Kissame Hoshigaki. The two of them are members of Akatsuki(Next Bad guys). The goal of the Akatsuki is to collect the bijuu(Tailed Beasts) and or Jinchuriki(person with biju in side). Itachi talks with Naruto and asks him to save Sasuke and give Naruto a mysterious gift. Itachi then shows up in battle with his little brother. Itachi saves Sasuke from Orochimaru. They are both almost unable to fight, as he walks to "take Sauke's eyes" Itachi mumbles something then pokes Sasuke's forehead like he used to when they were kids before falling over dead.Afterward Madara(Another villain) reveals Itachi's true intentions to Sasuke.
Itachi was ordered secretly by the three top people of Konoha to eradicate the Uchiha clan before they did a coup'd etat. Itachi labored over His clan or The Village he loved. Itachi chose the village and killed his entire clan under the guise of a murderer who lusted to test his power. However he could not kill his beloved brother and made Sasuke see him as a murderer instead of anything else. He went afterward to beg that no one reveal the truth to Sasuke. His plan was to be the bad guy in order to Protect the Uchiha name and make his little brother a hero.
by CinderUzumaki October 02, 2011
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Cool guy, who has cool Sharingan eyes, and proper whips ass.
See episode 82 for his debut fight
Itachi: I won't take as long as Kisame if i do this...
Kakashi: Ninpou Suiton Suijinheki!!
by London_guitarist September 03, 2005
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