In Sinhala literature, this is said to be a heavenly flower which is extremely gorgeous and that is spreads it's smell for miles and miles... This will be a great name for a girl.
She was as charming as a Madara flower
by Mx_bts October 12, 2018
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A fictional character in the anime series Naruto. He's the first Uchiha to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan and one of the founders of the Hidden Leaf Village. When he discovered he was going blind, he stole his slightly less important little brother's eyes and got a new totally awesome eye ability. He also heleped Itachi kill the Uchiha clan, despite popular belief that Itachi did it himself.

He is apparently also Itachi's teacher, leading to the belief that they frequently engaged/engage in buttsecks. Hot, sweaty, violent Uchiha buttsecks.
Madara says: Ripping out peoples' eyes is fun!
by EmoKittie999 March 2, 2008
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Madara- a strong butiful woman. Loves shrek and is a VSCO girl. Hates Amanda and is a crazy crocadile. Madara LOVES food and eats only cheez. She has 2 dog and love to eat their tail. Dog: *DONT TOUCH MY TAIL*
Madara: * bites eye*
by ☆Peach☆ May 5, 2020
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is more than a fictional character from an awful anime

If you know one you'll know that her ability to make anyone laugh is like murder hence why the names are so closely aligned. Is almost always down to slav squat from dusk till dawn.
"Madara made me laugh so hard I ran out of breath" "Madara the murderer"
by stimpoty September 1, 2015
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Your special mission is to cultivate and to love, in spite of nothing.
Your task is to strive for general well-being, showing self-sacrifice, sensitivity and healing powers.
The scope of your possibilities - anyone in which you learn to transform, transform, heal and be forgiving. Only this will allow you to move forward. Even if you are intolerant or too trusting people, you are fulfilling your destiny.
You have wide horizons for you. Reach them by helping others.
madara was amazing at being kind!
by madara name meaning June 24, 2018
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A freaking overpowered character from Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto. He is really cool and an antagonist. He hates/loves his rival Hashirama Senju.
"Damn, Madara is powerful!"-Shinobi Alliance (in their heads)
"Run! It's Madara Uchiha!"-Shinobi Alliance
by Tomioka-san May 1, 2020
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The guy who will wreck anyone by blinking
Hey that guy beat an Itachi uchiha with no difficulty at all! He's such a Madara uchiha
by Persan January 30, 2019
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