1 A member of a bloodline possessing an eye technique called the Sharingan
2 A Guy that is so cool Girls fall just seeing him
Sasuke is an Uchiha

Of course she is falling for me, I am an Uchiha
by Dasx July 02, 2010
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a sexual act that typical involves a mixture of incest, sounding, and scat-play.
Guy: I had no idea that my roommate was into that uchiha shit
by hewhewi December 26, 2017
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Somebody who loathes their family and/or a member of their family so much that they want to kill their whole family/member of their family. This is a reference to the Uchiha clan from the anime/manga Naruto. This person may also be considered suicidal or emo.
Person 1: Hey, wanna play Bioshock or Call of Duty 4?

Person 2: ...No.

Person 1: Okay, wanna watch me play Bioshock or Call of Duty 4?

Person 2: No, I'm gonna beat up my baby brother and cut myself.

(Person 2 walks away)

Person 1: He turned down Bioshock for masochism and fratricide? What an Uchiha.
by smpoza June 18, 2008
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Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, child prodigy from the Uchiha Clan. During the times of Itachi’s childhood he was hailed as the child prodigy of the Uchiha Clan (before Sasuke was born.) He was also the son of Fukago and Mikoto Uchiha, Fukago Uchiha was the leader of the Leaf Police force, and Mikoto Uchiha a Jonin (high rank ninja.) Soon at the age of 10 Itachi surpassed his parents and possibly everyone and became a Jonin. He joined ANBU at 13

(Special assassination and Tactical Force.) After this he went in part to join the Akatsuki (a force

which has people who are “abnormal”) But soon the amount of people form this clan decreased due to his assassination of his own clan.
You’re Itachi Uchiha from the Uchiha Clan, huh?
Aren’t you one of the last members of the Uchiha Coan
by Tacky Tan Boi July 24, 2018
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A name belonging to a semi-known Rust cheater who has cheated on many Icefuse servers (particularly Warden 2x) during late-spring to late-summer of 2020. They're rumors that this person went back onto Icefuse in December 2020 but got banned due to cheating. They're also rumors that he wasn't cheating in Rust (in December), but using a hack for the game "Among Us". This player was in the clans, "gayz", "BO99", "999", "BOPP", "damm", "damn", "ESP", and several others. This player has used the handles, "plankton uchiha", "ploonkton uzumaki", "ez claps ez smacks", "Triple Heady Go To Beddy" (not the original), and several others. This player has bypassed several HWID bans (given by Rust) and several Icefuse bans. He was nearly banned when his online friend (AuraLoL) went against him as a wipe (as a challenge) and gave all the evidence that plankton gave him, unfortunately, plankton was afk at the time of the report being reviewed.
Nick #BeamerSZN: Remember plankton uchiha?
AuraLoL: Fuck you, kid. That's my homie.
by notmyrealname111111 March 05, 2021
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A freaking overpowered character from Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto. He is really cool and an antagonist. He hates/loves his rival Hashirama Senju.
"Damn, Madara is powerful!"-Shinobi Alliance (in their heads)
"Run! It's Madara Uchiha!"-Shinobi Alliance
by Tomioka-san May 01, 2020
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A talented young man with staggering looks and a defined jaw line . overall one of the nicest person youll meet . quiet but mess with him and you will pay.

also has a Rather big penis but keeps it on the down low .
damn you must be like paora uchiha !

"woah , your ive seen many penises but this one , this is the one ; paora level" - anonymous
by KindGirlMind June 05, 2020
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