One of the main characters of the Naruto anime and manga, Uchiha Sasuke is a young ninja, as well as titular character Uzumaki Naruto's rival and sometimes-friend. The sole survivor of the massacre of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke's singleminded focus is to become strong enough to avenge his clan by defeating its murderer, his older brother. His cool demeanor and attractive looks have made him the object of affection of most of his female classmates, but he merely considers them an annoyance. An exceptionally talented ninja, Sasuke has mastered high level attacks such as Chidori and possesses a bloodline limit called Sharingan.
Uchiha Sasuke: I am an avenger.
by Syn- December 26, 2005
He is Naruto's friend and rival in the same time, but after he saw his brother itachi and how naruto became strong, he turned to be Naruto's enemy and went to orchimaru to gain power so he can fight his brother
by hatem July 6, 2005
A generic, boring character from Naruto who is a bitch and cries all the time.
Uchiha Sasuke cries and sulks every time Naruto does something slightly better than him
by kakekekakaeke February 13, 2007
Uchiha Sasuke is a main character in the Naruto series. He was originally introduced as a protagonist; a member of Konohagakure's Team 7. As the series progressed he became an antagonist, culminating in his association with the Akatsuki, becoming one of the most dynamic characters in the series. Sasuke is also one of the last last surviving members of the Uchiha clan, along with Uchiha Madara.
My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone.
by Attack.Attack98 April 9, 2011
Sasuke Uchiha. One of the main characters in the series Naruto. He is the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan massacre. He defines himself as an avenger. He seeks power in order to kill his older brother Itachi Uchiha, the one that killed the clan. Sasuke posseses his clan's bloodline trait, sharingan. Due to that, he is a fast learner and is able to copy justus during battle. He is like an aniki (brother) to Naruto and his best friend is Naruto. In part one of the series he is 12 years old. In part two, he is 15. His profile is as followed:

Birthday: July 23
Blood Type: AB
Height: 153.2 cm
Weight: 43.5 kg
Known relatives: Fugaku Uchiha (father, deceased), Mikoto Uchiha (mother, deceased), and Itachi Uchiha (brother).

His previous affiliations: Konoha, Sound village.

Abilites: Sharingan, Chidori, Chidori Current, Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique, Cursed Seal (first stage and second stage), Snake summons (from body and giant snakes), and other fire techniques. Not all are known due to Sasuke not showing all of his current abilities. For taijutsu he knows Hayabusa Otoshi (Peregrine Falcon Drop), Shishi Rendan (Lion Combo, English version: Lions Barrage), and many other techniques.

Personality: he doesn't show much affection toward girl (fangirls) except Sakura Haruno. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of helping/protecting his friends (Sakura and Naruto). Beginning of the series, he believes he is much more talented than Sakura and Naruto. He craves power and doesn't speak much. He usually doesn't say anything other than "Hn." He values his teammates more than himself. He seeks strong opponents, believing each victory he obtains indicates his growth. He does not show much respect to anyone. Sasuke does not like to kill people he does not know (innocent people), and makes it a point to prevent as many deaths as possible.

He is usually described as a Bishie, or rather Bishounen. Meaning pretty boy.
Sasuke Uchiha & Naruto: Sasuke Retrieval. Bring Back Sasuke To Konoha

Sasuke: "I'm an avenger and I will do what is necessary to obtain power. I have to kill him."

Naruto: "Sasuke! Orochimaru only wants you body as a new container."

Sasuke: "If that is what is needed to kill Itachi, then so be it."
One of the main characters in the anime/manga series "Naruto". When he was younger, he witnessed the murder of his entire clan at the hand of his sexy older brother, Itachi Uchiha. As a result he is very angsty and emotionally unstable, and desires revenge on his older brother at all costs. His teammates are Naruto Uzumaki (his best friend/rival/gay lover), Sakura Haruno (his good friend, who has a crush on him, unaware of his gayness), and Kakashi Hatake (his sensei/teacher/father figure).

Just as Naruto starts to work his way into Sasuke's heart, Orochimaru (the son of Lord Voldemort and Michael Jackson), who desires the bloodline limit of the Uchiha clan (the Sharingan), approaches Sasuke during the Chuunin exams and gives him a hickey--er, Cursed Seal to give him a taste of power and put him back on the path of revenge. As a result, later in the series Sasuke joins Orochimaru, who begins to train/molest him, so he can become strong enough to kill Itachi.

Despite what rabid fangirls wish to believe, there is no evidence that Sasuke is heterosexual. Quite the opposite, actually. Sasuke shows no interest in females, despite having legions of fangirls within the series who he could easily get into bed if he desired. Fangirls like to use the "I want to restore my clan" line as proof that Sasuke is straight, despite the fact that "restore my clan" is a very vague phrase and Sasuke has done nothing to back up his words (IF restore clan = make babies).

Nearly everyone in the Naruto fandom hates Sasuke for being "an emo fag" and betraying his friends, and apparently they don't care that Sasuke went through overwhelming trauma as a child and is probably borderline insane. This just shows that the majority of the Naruto fandom are heartless bastards who hate what they don't understand. There are other reasons people hate Sasuke, but they're all stupid so it's pointless to state them here.

This definition will have 1748354793141571894751341 thumbs down from Sasuke haters.
Person 1: Sasuke Uchiha is such an emo fag!!1 If I were him I'd NEVER EVER EVER betray my friends!!1 And I wouldn't be so EMO if my bro killed my parents!!1 Blahblahblah sasuke sux blahblah emo crybaby blaahblahblah killed Deidei-kun-chan-sama blahblahblah fag blah blah *WHINE BITCH WHINE BITCH* *IS A HYPOCRITE*

Person 2: ...Wow. You're the most immature, whiny emo crybaby bitch I've ever met. You clearly don't understand Sasuke Uchiha. :|
by kukukukukuku February 14, 2009